Call it what you’d like; cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, eatery



Cafes are usually small places that serve food and beverages. But my favorite thing to order is good conversation.

seems like all sorts of things can happen in a cafe. Good food, bad
food, good news, bad news, at any rate I guess we’re there ‘cause we
gotta eat. Maybe that’s why director Quentin Tarantino always includes a
“diner scene” in his movies.

can remember going with my dad when I was a kid to different local
coffee shops, watching him sip coffee and I’d listen to him speak with
other patrons. I’d order my favorite taco and talk with him. I was
mostly shy at that time (believe it or not) so I mainly listened.

sat with friends for hours talking and solving the world’s problems
over good vittles. There’s just a warm vibe that comes off of a good
cafe. Something comforting, something familiar. It’s easy to get lost in

at the office we have a “Lunch Bunch”. It’s usually the same group of
us that go to lunch together. We tend to go to the same restaurants over
and over, but the conversation is never dull. We have lots of laughs
and good food. There’s no better place for that than around a table.

Thirty Update
have been cooking like a madwoman! I have even started a new blog about
cooking. Check it out here. So I am completely crossing no. 14 “Get
Cooking” off my list. I feel have absolutely dominated this one 😀

my husband was given tomato and basil plants so I am taking over them
thus pushing me towards crossing of no. 9 “Garden”. I am well on my way,
but have LOTS of work to still do.

have also made a little bit of progress on no. 11 “Bake It”. I have
made one recipe from scratch. My husband had asked me to find a  peanut
butter cookie recipe. Once I found one I grabbed the ingredients and
went to town. They weren’t the prettiest cookies ever, but they were

I’m making progress!!!

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