Budget for county VFDs increased

Acting Fire Marshal Roger Garcia

Acting Fire Marshal Roger Garcia

During a recent meeting of Commissioners’ Court, it was decided to increase funds for all Atascosa County Volunteer Fire Departments.

Judge Bob Hurley said, “In the 2019 county budget we increased the amount we are giving to our support of the county Volunteer Fire Departments. We felt we needed to add to the amount of support so we added about $6000 to the annual contract we sign with each VFD. We felt every VFD volunteer should be covered with AD and D insurance because they give up their time and risk life and limb to aid our communities. So, the contract has been amended so that each VFD gets the extra money if they can prove they have a current policy for their members. Every VFD has access to obtain worker’s compensation insurance for its’ members and this would be an additional compensation if they are injured.

“The members of the VFD volunteer their time and risk injury which might keep them from working their regular job. We feel they need as much protection as possible.”

Acting Atascosa County Fire Marshal Roger Garcia completed courses recently to fully certify his status.

Garcia said, “I have completed my Fire Investigator and Fire Inspector courses and hold my Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) certifications. I plan to continue my training and further the growth of my office and its abilities.

“I want only to provide my communities and its guests with the best customer service possible. I have been serving the community since 2007 when I started working for the County as an EMT with Atascosa County EMS and as a volunteer firefighter for the Lytle VFD. Since then I have worked part time for Lytle Police Department (2 yrs), Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office full time (3.5yrs) and now here in the role of Fire Marshal for what I hope is the rest of my working career.”

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