Brush, bulky trash pick up set

Beginning Monday, March 21, the residents of Pleasanton will have the opportunity to rid themselves of their unwanted junk that has been meandering in the garage all summer long. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please keep in mind the following rules:

•Piles shall not be placed at curbside more than 2 weeks prior to the pick-up dates as stated below.

•No more than 10 cubic yards piles per Residential

Unit; residents shall/ may be subject to charges over 10 cubic yards (Length x Width x Height = 270 cubic feet = 10 cubic yards)

•Items excluded from pick-up are: Hazardous Waste, Large Dead Animals, and Special Waste.

•Piles shall be placed free from any obstacle that will prevent pick-up such as overhead power lines and low branches.

•Residents wanting to combine piles shall notify the Community Development Services Dept. prior to pick-up on list to prevent additional charges for having more than 10 cubic yards as a single location (Contact: Jesse Flores at 830-569-3867 ext.223).

Pick-Up Schedule Dates:

AREA 1: March 21-March 25 for the areas West of Bryant St. and North of Oaklawn Street (Set-out bulky waste starts on March 7)

AREA 2: March 28-April 1 for the area west of Hwy. 281 to Bryant St. and South of Goodwin (Set-out bulky waste starts on March 14)

AREA 3: April 4-April 8 for the areas East of Hwy. 281 and North of the Industrial Park (Setout bulky waste starts March 21).

The City appreciates the cooperation of our residents in keeping Pleasanton beautiful. For inquiries contact 830-569-3867 Ext.223.

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