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POTEET – On January 9, 2021, Texas Game Wardens and the Poteet Police Department responded to a call for service at BR Outfitters in Poteet after receiving reports of a rotting smell coming from the building. Upon inspection, law enforcement found several deer carcasses lying in a pile in the bottom of a walk-in cooler. The business was then sealed and locked and the owner was instructed to not allow any of the meat to leave the facility.

 Texas Game Wardens, Poteet PD and a Texas Health and Human Services inspector returned to the processor on Jan. 13 and re-inspected the carcasses. In total, 50 white-tailed deer carcasses, along with several coolers and tubs of trimmings, were determined to be unfit for human consumption

The investigation is ongoing and criminal cases are pending. Anyone who may have taken their harvest to this facility and has not received their order and is seeking a refund should contact BR Outfitters for more information.


2 responses to “BR Outfitters under investigation”

  1. Michelle McMillan says:

    Unfortunately BR Outfitters has not returned calls or texts both before and after this was common knowledge. This has been and seems it will continue to be a very disappointing experience.

    • Rebecca Pesqueda says:

      Thank you for your comment Michelle. I’m sorry to hear that! Hopefully it is all resolved fairly quickly. We will be following this story as more details of the investigation unfold.

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