Bond set for $150,000 for man charged with assaulting family members on Easter

A San Antonio man, Rayford Lee Contreras, 23, is behind bars in the Atascosa County Jail after being arrested for allegedly attacking his grandmother, uncle, brother and step-father in a family home on Easter Sunday. The assault took place in the 1800 block of Verdi Road just east of Leming.

A 911 call from a frantic woman came in to the Pleasanton Police Department at 10:04 PM April 8. Deputy Robert Newman was dispatched to the call with Deputy Chris Tharp, Sgt. Paul Schneider, Sgt. Bruce Hickman, Sgt. Rothenbach, Deputy Chris Neely and two DPS Troopers providing backup at the scene.

“The suspect picked up a stick used to break a piñata and struck his uncle in the head several times. Once he knocked his uncle down, he continued to hit him while he was on the ground. He also allegedly pushed down his grandmother. This is when the subject got into it with his brother where the two exchanged punches,” stated Chief Deputy David Soward.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the step-father tried to stop the suspect and the individual knocked him down. “Once his step-father was on the ground, he took the broken end of the piñata stick and pushed it against his neck. When deputies arrived, Contreras had the step-father pinned against the ground with the sharp stick against his neck,” stated Deputy Chief Soward.

The officers entered into a 10-15 minute negotiation with the man trying to bring the assault to a non-violent end. One DPS Trooper worked his way around the suspect, then used his taser to take down the man. Contreras was then taken into custody.

Three to four individuals were treated for injuries including one who was transported to South Texas Regional. The suspect, Contreras, was also transported to a hospital as a routine process after being tazed. Contreras faces charges of Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon and will remain in the Atascosa County Jail. Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Orlando Carrasco, has set Contreras bond at $150,000.

“I want to credit the deputies and the troopers for their negotiations and action on scene which helped bring this to a less than violent ending,” stated Chief Deputy Soward.

Other local crime- Three more cell phone towers were hit by copper thieves on IH-37 just south of Pleasanton on Saturday, April 7th. An unknown amount of copper was stolen and this case is under investigation.

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