Bohlke’s death ruling consistent with earlier investigation says Judge Bradley



Judge Kyle Bradley, Precinct 2, made his final ruling on the death of Bill Bohlke.

In August 2012, Bohlke was found dead at his Atascosa County ranch. Atascosa County Sheriff Investigators found that the injuries were caused by a male donkey which may have been agitated by a female donkey.

Bohlke’s family has been adamant that foul play was to blame and requested an autopsy. One had not been performed or requested immediately following his death.

Judge Bradley agreed to reopen the inquest and authorized the exhumation from Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery. The autopsy was performed and a few days later the body was once again interred at the National Cemetery.

The results of the inquest were released Friday, March 6.

The judge said that the autopsy results confirmed that the death resulted from blunt trauma consistent with farm animal attack.

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