Black Friday



‘Tis the season to stand in a three hour line for great prices!! That’s right it’s day after Thanksgiving Sales or Black Friday as most of us know it. Many stores take advantage of this day to put great sales for the holidays, but you only get the deals if you’re willing to be there super early. And I do mean super early.

I love Black Friday. For the past few years I have loved getting up at the crack of dawn and getting coffee with my mom and sister and anticipating the possibility that we may get in a fight over a $12 toy. Luckily it has never come to that and I hope it never does.

For the past couple of years a group of us girls get together and text each other while in the store. Hey, getting good deals is a team effort. We stay in touch and make plans on what items we’re looking for just in case one of us comes across it. We’ve got a top notch group of girls gunning for good deals and we’re not afraid of Black Friday Monsters. We are Black Friday Monsters.

Even Facebook helps me. Last year I posted that I was looking for a certain doll and I had people responding that I didn’t even know were in the store. Unfortunately no one found the doll, but I had a lot of eyes on it.

My plan for this year is already in play. I have downloaded the Black Friday App on my iPhone. It is fantastic. It gives you all of the stores’ Black Friday circulars in your area. You can save a list of the items that you want. You can browse by categories or do a search for a particular item.

All I need now is to go through all the inserts in this week’s edition of the Pleasanton Express. We have circulars for Walmart, Tractor Supply, Bealls and Sears. Also check out the print edition for numerous local Black Friday sales including one for Bealls, Three Sisters, Paisley’s, Virginia Twins and Yours & Mine.


Jessica M. Machado is a life long Pleasanton resident. She is married to Joseph Machado and is a mother of three; Gavin, Razalyn and Augie. She started at the Express in 2007 and is most often heard reciting lines from movies and discussing the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Champioship.

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