Big Business in Atascosa County

I will be the first to say I support big business and economic growth in Atascosa County. Yes things are busier and hectic traffic is not fun, but I would rather be in our economic state than the rest of the nation or world. With big business comes changes, this I do understand. The one change that I am writing about is the new La Quinta Hotel in Jourdanton that was built in front of the South Ridge neighborhood. Our neighborhood sits off the highway and is very peaceful and quiet. WE welcomed the La Quinta into the town and have no problem with commercial business. Growth is good.

This was until Thursday August 1st when the manager/ owner of the hotel tore down our South Ridge neighborhood sign for “parking”. The sign was at the very front of the property and was not blocking any parking or future parking. Would they of done this to Jamestown or Stone Oak? I ask why would you tear down something that is not in your way and marks a neighborhood that was here before you were.

Jeff Chicoine
South Ridge Neighborhood

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