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The Way I See It



Driving down Hwy. 281 and seeing the rubble of an old building sent a pang from my heart down to my stomach.

My heart first because I loved Arguijo’s restaurant so much in its heyday. Victoria and Jesus Arguijo ran this establishment with such ease. You see, it was more than a place to eat or knock back a few cold ones. It was a gathering place for many.

My dad ate lunch there almost every day. I say almost, because I’m not certain he ate there every day, but I have a feeling he did.

He ate the same thing every time, I do know that. One enchilada and one taco, crispy with a corn tortilla – warmed so that he could wrap it around that crispy taco. It would capture any of its filling in case it cracked open.

Why not just have a soft taco? Not the same. I get it. Totally. Of course the biggest draw may have been the cold beverage Dad could enjoy with his meal. Being an independent businessman allowed him to enjoy that beverage.

My mom and I were partial to Victoria’s chalupas. The freshly fried corn tortilla had mashed refried beans and melted cheese – real Longhorn cheese! Of course there was a lot of lettuce and tomatoes, too. She would even drizzle a bit of chili gravy on it sometimes.

Now you know why a pain in my stomach was felt as well.

The way I see it, there are only a few places left that have such fond memories of my parents and people that I loved to visit.

Take time to re-visit those places that mean something to you, too.

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