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Doing good things.

     Roughly two weeks ago I began my 17th year with the Jourdanton Police Department. As I looked back at that time I realized I have worked among some great people, both at my agency, and surrounding law enforcement organizations, schools and non-profit groups.

     Having started as a patrolman, I have responded to calls that ranged from barking dogs to dead bodies and everything you can imagine in between. And as a leader in the business of policing I have had the good fortune to see young officers begin their careers wide eyed with nothing but enthusiasm in their corner, then grow and blossom into incredibly talented servants of our citizens. 

     As those charged with keeping the peace and protecting those who may not be able to protect themselves, we certainly get to see a side of society that most don’t. And this week while looking at the projects that JPD has on the horizon, I searched for what it was that makes the officers and staff of our department, and those we work with, among the best in Texas. I decided that it could be summed up in a statement made by Gary Kelly: “We do well, by doing good.” 

     Those who serve our city don’t only pin on a badge to address the criminal element in our midst, (which they do with a high degree of success.) If you look around you will see officers at Little League games supporting the team that they sponsored. You will see them at fundraisers, working to improve the lot of those less fortunate in Atascosa County. You will see them serving on boards of non-profits helping make a difference and at our schools working to encourage and motivate kids both on the field and in the classroom. In short, the men and women of law enforcement in our area do a great job of “doing good”. 

     A sign that I hung by the door leading to our patrol car parking area reminds every officer that passes it daily to “Be fair. Do good things”. I am proud that for the better part of two decades I have been fortunate enough to work with incredible individuals who embody that directive everyday. 

     They make our department what it is. 

     I am honored to lead them, and look forward to many more years of helping make Jourdanton one of the greatest small cities in Texas to call home.

     We are just getting started. 

     In service, 

     Chief Eric Kaiser


ERIC KAISER is the Chief of the Jourdanton Police Department.

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