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You probably haven’t heard of Lauren Card.

And were it not for the events in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 her life would have taken a very different path. It was that evening that a deranged man opened fire on a crowd at a music festival on the famed Las Vegas Strip, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more.

Lauren was there. So was her mother and other family members.

She saw the carnage and heard the gunfire. She was part of that mass of humanity that sought safety but didn’t know where to turn, bullets were coming from everywhere or so it seemed.

When asked what she remembers about that night in Vegas, Lauren’s answer might surprise you. It wasn’t the blood or the death although she likely remembers those well. She recollects how she felt seeing police arrive and run toward the gunfire while everyone else ran away. She spoke of seeing the first units arriving on scene; “In that moment I had a sense of ‘OK, the police are here. They will fix it, they will make it better. Everything is going to be ok.’”

Lauren went on to say that she knew then that she wanted to be that person for someone else who would be in trouble someday. And so she did. Ms. Card returned home to Oregon, completed the police academy and this month was sworn in as a rookie police officer for the Springfield (Oregon) Police Department.

That is the kind of motivation that impresses, and I am proud to have people like her in our midst. Do good things up there Lauren, and welcome to the family.

Stay safe,
Eric Kaiser

ERIC KAISER is the Chief of Police for the Jourdanton Police Department and a Master Texas Peace Officer.

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