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The Place to be on the Fourth of July


I am hoping that each of you had a great holiday celebration yesterday as we reflected on Independence Day and everything that it stands for.

At the Jourdanton City Park, a huge crowd gathered to partake in the festivities and fireworks that the Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce and their sponsors worked diligently to bring together for Jourdanton and surrounding communities.

And while the work that was put into making this event a success was impressive, I noticed something else today while reviewing cases.

Although we had thousands of people pass in and out of the park, along with a huge volume of traffic on the streets in that part of the city, we had a rare occurrence…not a single complaint that required officer intervention for the entire event.

No fights.

No alcohol related issues.

No motor vehicle accidents.

No one had to be removed from the event.

Not a single one.

While officers stayed busy patrolling parking areas, handing out goodies to kids, and helping lost parents find their children, we smiled at the fact that this year’s “American Pride Day” was such a peaceful and enjoyable event for our community.

I want to thank our team of officers who participated in this detail, some of whom volunteered to work over 12 hour shifts to insure they got to be a part of the July 4th celebration. And a special thanks to each of you, who once again demonstrated why Jourdanton is such a great place to be!


Eric Kaiser is the Chief of Police for the Jourdanton (TX) Police Department and a Master Texas Peace Officer.

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