Be the match – please register if you can

A husband of a classmate of mine is being treated at MD Anderson and they are trying to get his cancer to go into remission so he can be admitted into a CAR-T study – type of stem cell transplant. He found out that his siblings are only a 50 percent match as is his daughter.

They are now applying to the Be The Match registry to find a better match. They also match bone marrow for patients in need.

This news inspired me to join, but I’m not in their preferred age range of 18-44 and there’s a weight stipulation as well. Sigh.

But if you are in this age group you can visit the website about-us/ and they will send you a kit that is very noninvasive. A simple cheek swab is done in the privacy of your home and you can then mail it back. This costs nothing for this group.

Now, if your weight/BMI is acceptable, you can still register up until you’re 60, but there is a $100 fee assessed. I totally understand that they would like to have young, healthy donors.

There are tabs to find out more and FAQs as well if you should need more information.

If you are a young, healthy person and are thinking about joining this are any registry – or to be an organ donor, please by all means – sign up as soon as possible.

Many lives are saved through generous people who realize that they can donate blood, join registries and even donate their organs when they are no longer alive.

The way I see it, most of us can donate, but will we?

My friend asked me to share this through our newspaper – maybe one of our readers is his match. If so, that would be the best news ever – if not for him, perhaps someone else who may be in need.

Thank you and prayers to all who are in a similar situation.

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