Be a fan of the elderly

Donate today to the Salvation Army’s Fan Drive


Patti Arrington, wife of Pleasanton First United Methodist Church Pastor Johnny Arrington, stopped by the Pleasanton Express to drop off six box fans for the Salvation Army’s “Fans for the Elderly” outreach.

Mrs. Arrington stated that she read about the fan drive in the Pleasanton Express and it touched her heart because not too long ago she remembered a power outage at her house.

“Surprisingly, the lights were out for almost three hours and as time went on it got a little warmer and a little warmer,” recalled Arrington. “Not that it was anything really bad but it was uncomfortable.” Arrington said that she turned to her husband and said I just cannot imagine people living in a house in Texas where there is no air conditioning. She said that after she read the article she realized that a lot of people don’t or cannot afford to turn on their air conditioning. “We needed to do something,” Arrington thought. “Hopefully, there will be families or people who will be able to use them and it will make their lives a little more enjoyable. Thanks to the Pleasanton Express for running the story about the Salvation Army Fan Drive”.

Fans are still desperately needed. Please drop a box or desk fan today at the Pleasanton Express at 114 East Goodwin, Pleasanton or at the Salvation Army located at 2132 2nd Street Pleasanton.

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