Battle of Medina event Aug. 16



Join local historians and descendants at the 201st anniversary of the Battle of Medina this Saturday, August 16 at 10 am.

It will be held on site off of Old Applewhite Rd. – between S.H. 16 and U.S. 281.

A presentation will be held afterwards at the Pleasanton Church of Christ at 1 p.m.

Why is it called the Battle of Medina? The Medina River was the nearest known landmark at the time.

Where did the battle take place? The battle took place on August 18, 1813 in the Northern part of Atascosa County some where between Las Gallinas Creek and Galvan creek, the exact location is not known.

Why did the battle take place there? The Republican Army grouped in San Antonio and wanted to ambush the Spanish army that was coming up from Mexico City, so they headed south and encountered them in this area.

Who was the Republican Army? The Army consisted of about 1,500 Tejano and Mexicans, 350 Americans, and about 300 Indians. Also some of the Canary Islander families were involved known as the “freebooters” lost much of their land and many family members after the battle.

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