Baseball fields could see new life in off season in PISD

The beauty of the baseball fields at the Pleasanton schools has attracted the Baseball Country, a group of coaches, pro players and members of the San Antonio Police Department to the area. Fidel Villegas said they would like to hold tournaments in Pleasanton and bring the Police Athletic League to the kids here. They have other places in mind, but want Pleasanton to become the hub of their activities during the summer. The organization would be paying monthly, beginning in January, to lease the fields during June, July and August. More discussion of this opportunity would be discussed at a later date, when it could be put on the agenda.

After the award of the Students of the Month, there was the presentation of the annual audit by Kimberly Rocha. The district received an unqualified opinion, which is the highest possible. Total assets, including buildings and liquid assets, total $57 million, which is $7 million more than last year. The fund balance is $16.5 million, but with expenses taken out, the general fund balance is $10 million. Rocha thanked the staff, saying they were wonderful to work with. Ami Powell moved to approve the audit; Edward Zamarripa seconded and motion passed with Danny Brown, Blasa Chapa, Jamie Downs, Joseph Warnken and President Frank Tudyk, Jr. voting for.

Carey Troell, PISD graduate of ’97, and the firm Bracewell & Guiliani, LLP were selected as bond counsel for the district.

During the summer, the technology department worked to upgrade the network for the schools. Jody Lemere reported that in eight weeks, his team installed 65 switches, 185 phones and 1,500 drops. New technology includes getting 685 Chromebook devices into the hands of teachers and students by the end of January. The department is looking toward upgrading the number of wireless access points from 191 to at least 250. Upgrading the bandwidth is also important, along with upgrading the surveillance cameras and developing training. They are working hard to improve their customer service and take the response time on work orders to a narrow limit. This week there were 437 and 400 had already been closed.

The breakdown of continuing education for the trustees is: Zamarripa, 3 hours; Warnken, 3 hours; Powell, 8.25 hours; Brown, 8.75 hours; Downs, 7.25 hours; Tudyk, 4.5 hours and Chapa 4.75 hours.

Superintendent Cynthia Clinesmith reported that the district has 100% compliance with the required highly qualified teachers. She thanked the members of the community who have helped all year and proposed to have 100 Eagle Pride flags made for 100 businesses. Also in the works is the development of education for the businesses to see exactly how the district works.

Due to the continued and many complaints by students and parents over the meals being offered, Clinesmith has brought in chefs to teach the cafeteria staff how to cook from scratch and present the food offerings. They held a taste test and got good feedback from everyone about the choices and the a la carte items offered. They are excited to institute this new program.

The minutes from the public hearing and the last meeting were approved. Frank Persyn was reappointed as the district’s representative on the Atascosa County Appraisal District Board. An interlocal agreement with the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance Resolution was also approved. This agreement allows the district to get information on the bids other districts have negotiated, helping to eliminate that step for Pleasanton.

After a thirty minute executive session, trustees awarded three new contracts. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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