Back to back weddings

This past weekend had me and my family attend two weddings – a dear friend on Friday and my niece’s on Saturday.

Back to back weddings require comfortable shoes – if you plan on dancing – which I did mostly at my niece’s wedding.

If you have a strong stomach – and I mean muscle wise – it also helps. I laughed so much with my extended family. They are a pretty fun bunch.

Each wedding was lovely! Cameron and Andrea were the sweetest couple.

Dakotah and Wes were absolutely adorable. Their pups, Holly and Daisy were (mostly) on their best behavior, too (even in their bridal tutus!)

Attending these weddings brought up memories of my two kids’ nuptials.

We all agreed – never tell the  bride any negative information.

Flowers are wrong? Not a problem re-distribute them.

Cake is in a precarious way to travel? We had plan B thanks to great friends and a willing daughter (not the bride) who knew how to keep all calm in a semi-crisis.

Toilet is overflowing? Again, thanks to a great friend who was handy with a plunger – disaster was avoided.

None of these stories were told until after the weddings.

Here’s a tidbit of advice for brides. None of us know that your vision/plans were thwarted/changed. You are the only one that knows. So don’t worry if something goes awry – just enjoy your day.

The way I see it, I was texting Dakotah on Monday telling her how much fun we had and how beautiful everything was. She commented that it went by so fast that she was still trying to register it.

I assured her that bits and pieces will start coming up. She’s looking forward to her photos – especially the ones on the dance floor. Me, too, Dakotah – ME TOO!

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