Avoid car burglaries

There has recently been an increase in car burglaries throughout Pleasanton. In the majority of these cases, vehicles were left unlocked.

Police Chief Ronald Sanchez offered the community these tips on preventing your car from being burglarized:

1. Lock your vehicle at all times

2. Remove keys from the ignition

3. Make sure there no valuables in plain sight such as computers, firearms, cell phones, radar detectors, GPS units, etc.

4. Remove expensive coolers (Yeti, Pelican, etc.) from the bed of your truck

5. Report suspicious persons in your neighborhood to the Police Department at 830-569-3869.

Many of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Car burglars will choose a neighborhood and under the cover of darkness, will go from vehicle to vehicle in an attempt to find one (or several) that were left unlocked.

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