Atascosa Stop Forced Annexation challenge – 2000 signatures in 48 hours.Free Access


Atascosa County residents are in the crosshairs of San Antonio. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the map below. San Antonio can annex up to 5 miles in all direction each year. How far are you from San Antonio?…and, they don’t have to ask our permission because we have NO PROPERTY RIGHTS. It is called forced annexation…and they are within the law–right or wrong.

We need 10% of the registered voters in Atascosa County to sign the petition TODAY so that we can get a referendum in the November general election to change Atascosa County from a Tier 1 (no property rights) to a Tier 2 (gotta ask our permission to annex) county.

So if you live in Atascosa County, inside or outside city limits, we need you to mobilize your neighbors and friends TODAY and get them to sign the petition to save our water resources,
our open lands and grant you the property rights you deserve, the property rights you do not have as a Tier 1 county.

Let’s stop splitting hairs here. Inside or outside the city limits…it behooves EVERYONE in Atascosa County to sign the petition TODAY. Tomorrow may be too late.

4 responses to “Atascosa Stop Forced Annexation challenge – 2000 signatures in 48 hours.”

  1. Steven Hernandez says:

    I say no.

  2. Virginia Bulkley says:

    Reach out to Robert Henneke at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He could be a source of legal help and information for taxpayers. He’s a young lawyer with a lot of experience and ties to Atascosa County through his Grandmother.

  3. We do not need to have all the issues San Antonio, the south side of San Antonio has so much poverty and crime.

    It is the water rights, politicians what say look how San Antonio is growing, people outside of the state have no idea that politicain are annexing the growth, look how California has turned into a hell hole thanks to the governor

  4. Stop this please sign the paper work at Tractor supply

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