Atascosa Family Crisis Center grateful- has continuing needs

Donna Fisher, Atascosa Family Crisis Center (AFCC), said “The Atascosa Family Crisis Center, Inc has been so very blessed by community support.”

In previous months there has been a wonderful ‘outpouring’ of support by Atascosa County organizations, businesses and citizens as they made a move from their prior location. There have been ‘adopt a room’ donations, donated fencing and various other needed repairs and additions.

With all of this ‘much appreciated’ help, there are some areas they still need help with.

They’ve come a long way with addressing needs associated with their move to a new building. But there are certain needs they are needing to address in the short term.

I met with Fisher and she said, “As you know we are waiting for some destruction to happen before Opiela Plumbing can continue their work on the bathroom.”

At its meeting, Thursday, July 14, Atascosa Citizens in Action (ACA) Grant Committee received an update from Donna Fisher regarding existing needs at the Atascosa Family Crisis Center.

 “We need some things done ‘as right away as is possible’,” said Fisher.

During the ACA meeting Fisher mentioned that several carpentry needs have to be met before Opiela Plumbing can finish the bathroom to meet city codes.

James Horton, ACA member, said he could possibly make arrangements to address one of the primary needs of constructing proper flooring in the bathroom. That was done over the weekend by Leeroy Mitchell, owner of Royal Foundation Repair, at no charge. He was glad to be asked to do the job for AFCC.

Fisher said, “Mitchell leveled up the floor and secured necessary joists. The next thing that we need to do is get the ceiling tiles pulled out so that Opiela Plumbing can come back in and run the lines from the ceiling area to the sink.

“Once they can do that they will also have to secure these lines over the shower which means they have to have a partial wall that will hold up a shower and hold up all their pipes. This wall will not be all the way across the room – it just needs to be as wide as what our shower will be.

“Once that happens, then we have to have someone come in and rebuild the rest of this room – put up new walls, new flooring and a new ceiling so that we can actually have an ADA  bathroom.

The AFCC Board of Directors will be in charge of all construction projects. As far as I know, they have asked to have one contractor come in and look at everything in the entire building in order to get a list of what needs to be done and they’re’ going to put together some prices for them.

“The fact was discussed that if the AFCC facility doesn’t open by September 1, as a residential, that we may not be able to apply for residential grants next year in August.

“The grant we have now is a non-residential grant and that will carry us through next August.

“What that means is we will not be able to apply for residential grants next year if we aren’t ADA ready by September 1 of this year.”

Fisher was pleased with the tremendous support the entire Atascosa County community has provided for this work project at the location they have now.

Fisher said, “Well, a few weeks ago, Cowboy fellowship called me and stated they had some funding available and would like to make a donation. They wondered if I had any specific project in mind. I sent them a copy of our bill from Opiela Plumbing showing that we had paid the first half, which was $6675.00. Today I received a check from Cowboy Fellowship for the remaining balance of $6675.00.”


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