Atascosa Family Crisis Center becomes A Safer PathFree Access



Previously known as the Atascosa Family Crisis Center (AFCC), the nonprofit organization, known across the county for helping victims of domestic violence seek refuge, has recently undergone a name change that reflects their true identity as a resource in our community.

Safer Path Family Violence Shelter officially became the new name of AFCC as of this month.

“The change was about better defining who we are, what we do, what resources we’re able to provide for people and our services,” said Safer Path Executive Director, Rhonda Williamson.

“We wanted to remove the focus from the “crisis” to future oriented, safety and lifting people up out of crisis.”

The name change process began back in January when a Safer Path’s staff began strategically planning for the new shelter that is currently being built.

“It took a while to make the change because we wanted to do it the right way,” said Williamson.

“We thought: this shelter has been big picture, big vision, big dream for 25 years. This is happening now, this is becoming a reality, where do we want to go next.”

Williamson said they also brainstormed what they wanted their board to look like, what options they wanted for their staff to have as resources and what kind of programs the community needs, etc.

She also shared the new mission statement for their shelter, “Safer Path builds awareness of family violence and sexual assault, empowers victims, supports survivors’ healing, and creates a safe and abuse free community.”

Safer Path’s name change is highly important to its staff as it reflects who they truly are.

“It’s becoming who we’ve always been, owning that identity; that 25 year history of walking beside families in crisis and helping them walk out of that crisis,” said Williamson.

A Safer Path’s new shelter is expected to open by January 2019. Keep an eye out in future issues for more on Safer Path.

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