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Atascosa County is once again under a mask mandate per Texas Executive Order GA-29 and is in effect. All Atascosa County businesses and citizens must follow the mask mandate rule.

The county was informed by the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) today that our “new positive COVID-19 cases” running total count has exceeded the maximum number to remain on the exemption list. Per TDEM, a county must have 30 or fewer new positive COVID-19 cases during a 14-day period to be exempt. As of Sunday, Atascosa County has surpassed 30 new cases with a total of 58.

During Commissioners Court this morning, Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley stated that he does not believe lifting the mask mandate is what caused our numbers to go up, however it certainly did not help.

“It is flu season so it could be because of that, it could be because of the cold weather, but it’s this way all over the nation, so it’s not just us,” said Judge Hurley. “I do encourage everyone to wear your masks. This is moving rapidly everywhere, and in our county, too.”

Please remember that social distancing, social gathering and capacity rules have never been exempted and should still be followed.

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One response to “Atascosa County under mask mandate again”

  1. Roberto says:

    Crazy how most of the country is either under a mask mandate or the population is living in fear and they’re still wearing a mask. But numbers of ‘cases’ are rising… Obviously masks do not work!
    I wonder if the same folks counting ballots are counting ’cases’?

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