Atascosa County Sheriff announces Operation Gulf Rescue

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward announced this morning that OPERATION GULF RESCUE is in full swing with the deployment of two Atascosa County sheriff’s deputies who are arriving in Port Aransas early this morning. The deputies will join forces with Jourdanton PD Officers Eric Kaiser and David Presley who arrived in Port Aransas yesterday with much needed supplies. The officers will provide assistance to Port Aransas Police keeping law and order in the devastated town. The island is without electricity, running water, sewer and much more but it is not without PUBLIC SERVANTS. These men will help their fellow officers protect life and property in an environment which looks like a war zone.
Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Joe Saucedo and Deputy Sheriff Stephen Wilson will pull the first 3 day shift before being relieved Thursday evening. The deputies took with them, living quarters, two generators, extra fuel, food and 30 cases of water.

Saucedo and Wilson.

We have sent our Humvee Rescue Unit to Port Aransas for officers to use on patrol in the storm ravaged town.

Deputies Joe Saucedo and Stephen Wilson nearing Port Aransas earlier this morning.

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