Atascosa County Juvenile Detention Center budget comparisons 2014-2020



In last week’s front page story on the Atascosa County Juvenile Detention Center’s 2020 budget, a graphic was inserted showing the detention center’s budget for the previous years of 2014-August 2019.

The numbers published were the actual expenditures of the detention center, not their approved budgets.

The graphic below shows the detention center’s approved budget, actual expenditures and budget increases from previous years for 2014-August 2019. You can also see the 2020 approved budget and the budget increase from 2019.

Monies not spent by the detention center from their approved budget stays within the Atascosa County fund.

Here is the amount, per year, the detention center is over-budgeting by:

 2014- $408,661.32
 2015- $744,432.86
 2016- $698,474.10
 2017- $656,530.59
 2018- $467,530.59
 2019- $1,205,964.64

The Atascosa County Juvenile Detention Center’s records are available to the public.

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