Atascosa County Judge’s Report

We have been working this year on a “wellness program” for county employees. It has several facets. First, the “Wellness Committee” has been created mostly from the leadership of Jeanne Israel. The committee was formed and has been implementing several programs for employees to exercise, eat better and be healthier. Walking programs around the courthouse have been going on for some time and are increasing. They have many ideas they are working on.

Belicek has been the organization chair from inception and now Jeanne is the chairman. I am very pleased with all personnel and their efforts to encourage a better, healthier environment for county employees.

My part in this effort was to budget county-paid employee memberships. I did this for the employees in my businesses before I became county judge and was very pleased with the effort. Gym membership for the county employee comes with some strings. They must use it! I am asking that they try to attend three times a week. These are the same rules I previously used in my business model and it seemed to work well.

Of course, people will be sick or on vacation and will not always be able to do three times a week. I belong to two fitness centers and try to go four times. I don’t always make it but it is my goal.

I am pleased that we have received a strong response. Membership and classes have been a big part of my life for over ten years. It has meant a lot to me to have energy and a feeling of well being in my life. It is also a terrific stress reliever. Endorphins are very helpful to a daily routine.

I had a wonderful e-mail from a county employee that is in a high stress job and she said that going to the gym after a difficult shift has been a great boost to her state of mental well-being. I answered her and thanked her, but I told her I wasn’t just trying to be nice with the program – that I truly believed it made better and healthier employees on a daily basis. But, I told her, I am so pleased it shows positive results in her personal and work life.

I wrote in a column several weeks ago that I sent a letter to the TCEQ laying out concerns of mine about the Sand Mine and I did receive a detailed response from the TCEQ Director. I gave a copy of it to Leon Zabava with the Pleasanton Express. I will be sending it to the President of Preferred Sand, Inc. with some questions. I also sent it to Russell Wilson with the “Not Just Dust” group. If you would like a copy, please email me at


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