Atascosa County Judge’s Report



Change is difficult. Whenever the store moves merchandise or changes brands I must figure out the new location and change with it. The digital world is changing us all the time with smartphones, websites and internet access. Change can be good as well. We are moving to a new voting system this November which I am convinced, just like cell phones, we will wonder how we ever did without it. But it will cause change. We will be holding public meetings around the county so everyone that wants can touch, feel, operate and find out about the new system. It will be all digital but produce a paper ballot. So, it is the best of both voting systems, paper and computer. We will all get used to it. I promise if you can operate your cell phone or your email you can operate this easily.

In conjunction with this we must reduce and consolidate voting boxes. First, we just cannot find enough people to work the polls at 24 locations. Secondly, the new equipment must have internet for E-verification of voters (no internet is ever hooked to the voting machines). So many of the polls we use are old, not ADA compliant, and do not have adequate internet access. We will have so many opportunities with the new equipment to enter a new era for voter access and are excited about it. I expect us to approve another early voter station for November at JP2 for the Lytle area. This will certainly reduce the load at the Jourdanton early voting location. I hope in the 2020 elections we can expand that and put an early voting location in Pleasanton. In 2020 with this new equipment we can qualify to go to “county -wide” voting which means fewer and bigger locations because we will no longer have to go by the old “archaic” precinct lines. This just means we will be making a lot of decisions about voting methods, but the overriding goal will always be to reach for greater voter access and larger turnouts. I am always available to speak at any group on this issue. Just call me.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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