Atascosa County Judge’s Report



This week I am still talking about Guardianships. When a guardianship is done it involves legally taking away rights from the ward. It is a serious matter. It restricts such things as driving, voting, financial control, living accommodations, marriage, medical care and others. So, it should not be taken lightly. It is the state’s policy that the least restrictive form of financial, medical and personal restrictions is what should be entertained. I have a lady in a guardianship who is cognizant and healthy enough to realize she needs help. She is in a guardianship and understands why. However, she has three church friends who want to stay with her and assist her with all her needs. I met with all people involved as well as a professional, certified guardian who is still her legal guardian. I am convinced this allows this lady to have the best quality of life living in her own home with her friends. We have a professional guardian watching over her financial well-being and supervising her medical needs. As the Judge I am able to craft the guardianship rules to allow strict or less strict conditions based on the professionals’ advice (psychiatrists, psychologists, MDs, lawyers and my own “Court Visitor” and their report to me.

This is important business to have control over other people and their care. I take it very seriously. Perhaps one day I may need such care and I hope others will look out for me. You know the saying, “except for God’s Grace there goes me.” It is never wrong to follow the “Golden Rule”.

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