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Atascosa County Judge’s Report

     I am still talking about property taxes this week.  Lytle ISD has issued a spot – on letter to the editor which clearly identifies who is at fault for the huge increases in appraisal valuation. It is (not necessarily in the order of accountability) first the Appraisal District for lagging in meeting the States’ goals for local valuation. And second, it is the state for this cumbersome state – driven property tax system and this complicated school financing system.

     These goals reflect the result of a failed taxing system for which the state legislature is completely to blame. To quote the Lytle ISD letter, “When you hear politicians talk about lowering taxes, their claims are misleading, for as you can see, the State is the reason the property values are increasing.” So true! I have written confirmation that the state, in its’ last budget voted a requirement on the local taxpayers to also raise school taxes across Texas an average of 13.81% over the biennium to cover unfunded mandates the state has pushed off onto the local school districts. Please email or call Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (512-463-0001) and let him know that you hold him personally accountable for raising your valuations and trying to mislead the voters as to who did it.

     Also, please email or call the Governor (512-463-2000) and let him know that you support radical property tax reform that is in the favor of the property owner. Actually, please demand it! And, let him know you are not fooled by the political rhetoric of the Lieutenant Governor. We need him to show leadership on this issue.

     For more positive news – Animal Control will be finished within the next 90 days. The Justice Center will be finished by December. If you do facebook please “follow” the county facebook site so you can watch the progress and come to the grand openings and tours. If you are not on facebook, then watch the papers for notice so you can come see.

     The jail expansion and JP3 will be finished by May of 2019.  Phew! I will be pleased to see the jobs accomplished and working. I will also be relieved of the construction responsibility on my plate. I am also happy to see each project done because of my conviction of their need for county operations.

Thanks for listening.  

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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