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I just came back from my 50th college reunion at Abilene Christian University. It was really wonderful. I stayed with some dorm mates at the home of one who lived in Abilene and the four of us had a really great time getting reacquainted. We turned out to be as compatible as we were in the dorm so many years ago. We have a lot more gray hair and aches and pains, but it was like the years melted away. The reunion, only for our class year, was put on by the University and was all first class.

I owe a lot to ACU. I was a terrible student (by my standards) in high school and when I got to college I found I did not know how to study, be disciplined in academics or make my grades. Counselors and peers helped teach and direct me to refocus my efforts. Ultimately, my time at ACU laid a basis for learning in academics and built a basis for my faith in God that would last all my life.

The ACU College of Business did then and still does teach the “servant – leader form of management” which I credit to any success I have had in management. In the large corporate world, in small business and in government it has proven to be the best “method” that works for me. It also taught me humility and the appreciation that God is always good.

The trip refreshed this in so many ways for me and I am so thankful for it. And, my three friends and I are planning annual meetings while we still have some years left. All in all, — time well spent. So, I am back and ready to get to work for you.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

Bob Hurley is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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