Judge Bob Hurley


We are moving closer to completion on the ACAC (Atascosa County Animal Control). I think we will be operating in 90 days.  One thing that concerns me is that I am already hearing that we are spending too much money on this project. Some people we will never convince, but I want to share the vision with you.

This is a facility that will maximize efficiency and minimize wasted effort.  Ultimately, it is designed to handle ALL animal control in the county. We have emulated the operation in Kerr County where NO incorporated cities have their own. If a city chooses not to utilize us that is their option but it would save manpower and money for the cities. Their participation will defray our operating cost and maximize the use of the taxpayer’s dollar for the cities.  Lytle is the exception.  They are so far away from the facility. The good news is that they are doing a great job with their city animal control program.  But why a city in the tri – city area that would not want to turn over this headache to us would be difficult to understand. I think I have not done a good job communicating this and I plan to work harder at it.

If we can make this work in the tri – city area, we can have ONE place to check for your lost animal, ONE place to work ADOPTION and FOSTER programs, ONE place to have spay and neuter clinics and a way to make Atascosa County a better place to live and treat our furry friends better.  Do you see the vision?  I really hope so.


Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

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