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While it is sad to see McBee’s BBQ Restaurant in Jourdanton close, it is heartening to see someone step up to continue the same business there. Juan Aguilar, the owner of “Chili Bandera” in Jourdanton has bought the property and is planning on keeping it BBQ and possibly start a breakfast menu. He is working on the building and property, to get it ready. In Jourdanton, we have seen several admirable scenarios like this. Clem Galindo owns “The Rock House,” a fine old Jourdanton restaurant and is continuing its tradition. One of the oldest revivals is “Joe’s Place” which has been reopened by Katrina Wiatrek, Joe’s granddaughter. Katrina has been doing a terrific job with this “close to the heart” project. “Mi Mexico,” “Cancun” and the new “Old Smokehouse #5” are part of start–ups that are making it. Sunshine House Coffee” is another example, not of a revival of an old business but an example of bringing new ideas that work.  There is another coffee house going to open called “Pleasant Perks” in Pleasanton.

I am so proud of stories like these, because the small business “entrepreneurial spirit” is alive and well in our communities.  It is these people who make the United States of America the great nation that it is.  It is them that provide the job growth and economic diversity of the USA. The locally owned businesses – the car dealerships, the auto parts and auto repair shops, the many ventures started in someone’s home that becomes larger are so much a part of our opportunity culture.  These are a direct result of the farm and ranch economy, the oil economy and our people who work in Bexar County. These folks will hire people, pay wages – buy supplies and materials for resale and maintenance be a part of the growing economy of Atascosa County. There are so many like this that contribute to our county’s economy. As a former small businessperson, I know how hard these owners work.  They work in the business all day, all week and do their payroll and business paperwork at night or on weekends.  Many fail, but the small business owners who succeed are the ones who live simply and work hard.

These folks all over Atascosa County are going to be a part of our revival as we move out of the COVID19 economy back into regular living.  They will lead us back.

But do not let down. COVID-19 is very much still with us. Use caution and protect yourselves. Use individual initiative to make sure you and your families are safe.

Thanks for listening. Let’s keep Atascosa County moving forward!

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

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