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Last Thursday I went to a regional one – day County Judges training in Bee County.  Susan Redford, who is the Director of Judicial Training for Texas Association of Counties (TAC) has implemented these.  I go to ALL Judicial Training I can.  The neat thing about these is that there are fewer judges (about 10) and we get to interact and share information with each other.

On another note, in light of the nature of situations like the awful tragedy of Sutherland Springs, Atascosa County is forming a courthouse Security Committee to address overall security for the Courthouse.  There have been many threats statewide to judges, prosecutors and courts.  However, I believe we should also expand it to all county buildings.  I will be looking for someone to hold “Planning for Active Shooter Situations” seminars for all county personnel.  And we need a reaction plan for ALL offices.  Very soon, possibly January, we will start on building teller windows in the Tax Assessors’ office and provide greater protection for the people that work there.  They, of all county departments, deal more with the public. Many of the people can be angry about taxes, vehicle registrations – truly many things and the personnel at the TAC office bear the brunt of that.  I have held listening meetings with the TAC office personnel and I am convinced they have justifiable fear from some of the circumstances.  We are working with a local contractor to engage the most affordable but adequate measures.  I have gone over the plans with Loretta Holley and most of the personnel and they seem to be excited about it making their jobs and work lives much better. The Sheriff has been very helpful in this process and he will be an important part of the Courthouse Security Committee.

Jill Bazan, the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer and Department head over Juvenile is retiring December 31.  On Friday, we held our last interviews from the applicants.


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