Atascosa County Judge’s Report



Our drive-through clinic last Friday was not very well attended. We did give 41 Pfizer shots and will come back in four weeks and do another for those 41.

I am hoping that we will have clearance to start giving boosters at that time. We are diligent about continuing to get everyone vaccinated that we can.

We are getting ready to pass our county budget for 2022. We will be adopting the “No New Tax Rate” as defined by the state. It used to be called the “Effective Tax Rate.” It produces the same revenue as the previous year for the county. We have been doing more cost-cutting, so we could find the $225,000 it takes to give our county employees a 3% COLA pay increase. They did not get a raise last year because of our challenged 2020 budget caused mainly by COVID.

Our employees work hard and are serious about doing a good job for all Atascosa County’s citizens. We are going to, as an experiment, go into a vehicle leasing program. It will only be for a few vehicles (about 18). By doing this we will be able to utilize a county-wide gas card through the leasing company. Not just on the leased ones, but we can use the leasing company’s purchasing power to not only get a better rate for all vehicles, but have a year-end report to file for a rebate on fuel taxes. This amounts to $.30 a gallon approximately. That is a lot of money when you figure how much fuel we buy each year from gas stations. The lease will also cut down on cash outlay which I like. I believe the savings from maintenance and fuel costs will make this program work. But, we will give it a year on a limited basis and see.

Thanks for listening. Your County Government is getting better all the time

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may e-mail him at countyjudge@

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