Atascosa County Judge’s Report



I had two more fine people apply to work with the AC Autopsy Transport. I would prefer to have an additional 1 or 2 for the pool to draw the runs from. So, if you are interested, please contact me – “countyjudge@atascosacounty.”

The systems we are putting in place are working. The weigh station is producing revenue for the county and making the roads safer. Animal Control is doing its job keeping the citizens safe from roaming wild dogs and strays on the citizen’s property. The Juvenile Detention “treatment” plan is beginning to build real steam and should be ready to take paying clients in the next 3 months. The courts are reopening and moving ahead with many pending cases.

COVID UPDATE: The county’s positives and hospitalization are going back up again with the advent of th Delta Variant of COVID19. If you are vaccinated it is the writer’s opinion that you should be careful (mask-up?) in large groups. Vaccinated people can catch the variant which the CDC says is 225% more contagious. However, the symptoms and ill effects should be substantially reduced by the presence of the vaccine and the protective antibodies in your system.

The greatest risk is to the unvaccinated. This “variant” is a killer and is hitting all age groups including children. Now, the pandemic of COVID19 is the pandemic of the “unvaccinated.” Anyone who is not vaccinated from 12 to 90 is at extreme risk of contagion and the extreme risk of serious illness and possibly hospitalization. We have already had two recent deaths from COVID19 here at Methodist South.

To the vaccinated who are exposed to someone with COVID19: Go ahead with your regular schedule and monitor your symptoms. If you have a fever and/or any COVID symptoms quarantine and test. You will be contagious if positive and could infect others. The story I hear is that those vaccinated folks are over it quickly with reduced symptoms.

The vaccine is available all over Atascosa County. There is no reason not to get the shots. Thank you…. I pray that God will bless Atascosa County and all its citizens.

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

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