Atascosa County Judge’s Report

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley

I am very excited to inform you that we are seeing the use of our new oil truck and our chip spreader to pave county roads.  I love seeing one of our roads paved.  Now, to be clear, when we talk about paving we are talking about “chip-sealing” the road.  This is not asphalt.  It costs about a third of asphalt.  But to lay down a base with good base material and then put two chip seal coats gives us a pretty darn good road.

So, recently Commissioner Bill Carroll (precinct 4) has paved Sieffert Road and he paved the county portion of Tessman road.  He would have paved the city’s portion but they were not ready for some reason and told him no. Commissioner William Torans has paved Sand Branch road in precinct 2 and it looks mighty fine.  And, our newest Commissioner – Mark Gillespie just paved Broom Road.  I know Commissioner Eliseo Perez has plans to chip seal a road.  The county has owned this chip sealer for several years and it was not being used because we did not have a proper oil distributor.  Now, we do.  All of the commissioners are working together and when one is paving the other is often giving aid through equipment and personnel.  My hat is off to these commissioners for the way they are working together.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

Bob Hurley is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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  1. Veronica Marin says:

    Who would i contact to see about getting my dirt road paved. I am in atascosa county by forest oaks drive

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