Atascosa County Judge’s Report

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

I am writing this from a motel on Monday that had electricity. We found one for $50/night and it had nearly hot water for a shower. I was happy to get it. Of course, you know that the storm hit the power grid in Texas and there was something posted called “rolling blackouts.” I don’t even like the sound of that much less understand it. At my house we would sit there for a couple of hours and the electricity would come on for 10 minutes. That is a “rolling disaster.” In 15-degree weather it was barely enough time for the heater to come on and then shut it off. I know we are spoiled when we lose our amenities. I was so happy to get to the motel and have internet, TV and a “pretty” hot shower. Well I know for sure they don’t want my opinion so it is what it is. We will be back into warmer weather by Saturday. The worst will be past before you read this.

I have ordered that Tuesday and probably Wednesday the Courthouse and Justice Center will not open before 10 a.m. because of ice. We should be okay by Thursday and Friday.

I continue to hammer away at vaccine availability for our county. People have been calling my office steadily asking to be put on a waiting list. These are all 1B eligible folks. We are working to get a shot clinic scheduled, but we already have over 700 people on the list. The last vaccine clinic gave out 584 shots. We need much more. Last week, I reached out to Congressman Henry Cuellar and his office. They are really helping. Their contacts are up at a much higher level than anything I can do and I think we are making progress. I am hoping for the approval of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to happen and to see their production ramped up on top of the increases they have announced on the Moderna brand vaccine. The Moderna is what we are using, however limited, now. We cannot use Pfizer because it requires very expensive freezers. I do predict that by May there will be huge increases in vaccine availability. But we need it NOW!

Thanks for listening. Stay safe and be well!

5 responses to “Atascosa County Judge’s Report”

  1. Anne Johnson says:

    Thank you Bob for what you are doing! My electricity was off for 70 hours straight. Thank God I have a fireplace and I have a generator that will power a small portion of my house.

  2. Monica Perez says:

    Thanks Judge Harley, your words alone encourage and let the public know we are not alone in this.

  3. Alan Hudgins says:

    Seems like we could appropriate freezers that would allow Pfizer vaccine availability Atascosa county is falling behind in addressing the vaccine issues.

  4. Patrice Wassing says:

    Thank you Judge Hurley

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