Atascosa County Judge’s Report

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley

I want to clarify that when I was quoted in the Pleasanton Express as hoping property values go up next year to help bring down the county tax rate, I was referring to oil properties and equipment increases.  I surely don’t want to encourage increases in yours or my business or home property values.

Following up on my last week’s article on the passing of Lon Gillespie – I need to let you know that the replacement process is determined by the Texas Local Government Code Article 87.042 which says that the County Judge SHALL appoint a replacement from the precinct for the remainder of the term.  It does not allow for a special election or Commissioner’s Court to appoint.  It also does not leave it up to the County Judge. It says the County Judge shall…

I did have someone criticize me because I appointed a commissioner rather than call an election or have the court select.  I could not do that. I consulted with several legal authorities and at least 4 other county judges who have been through this and have without any doubts followed the law explicitly.  This has been a sad and difficult process, but one that fell on my shoulders to do.

After much prayer, thought and counsel with our county commissioners, I have appointed Mark Gillespie, the son of Lon Gillespie to replace him. I have discussed the prospects with him at length and I am convinced he will be a qualified and hard working Commissioner.  He will serve the remainder of the unexpired term which will be a little over 3 years. He will have a lot to learn but that is normal for all new commissioners.  We are all new on the job at some point.  I will be working diligently to get him caught up on county operations.  The closest Precinct to him is Precinct 4 which is Commissioner Bill Carroll.  He will be offering his services daily for anything or any information Mark needs for Precinct operations.

We will be scheduling Mark into state training courses as soon as they are available.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

Bob Hurley is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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