Atascosa County Judge’s Report



With our “positive” COVID-19 numbers below 20, my office has received five or six requests that I submit an exemption application to the state to wave the Governor’s mask order. My most professional answer is that I cannot act until cases are substantially under 20 for 10 to 14 consecutive days. The wild fluctuations seem be because of the “pending” column. TXDSHS tells us that these are all positives that have not been researched. This amount is usually 60 to 90 every day. I do not know how to factor these in because we have inadequate information. TXDSHS stays so far behind in our record keeping this is an unverifiable presence to our daily report.

We also need to be aware of the impact of Labor Day. That will take at least week or two to see how this impacts our numbers. School activities after Labor Day is another worry. Once we get past those, I think we will have a better idea. I assure the reader that no one in this county wants to see the economy open up more than I do. I want to be sure because in many ways the health of the 45,000+ citizens in this county depend on that decision.

Another matter is that people seem to think this decision on masks will stop school children from wearing them. Yes, the Governor’s mandate does require that, but the TEA is clear that the school can set its own rules. That means that the school can continue to require masks and more stringent rules than the Governor’s. Another “however” is that the major national companies instituted mask requirements before the Governor did and they can continue to require masks whether the Governor’s rule is in effect or not. I applaud these companies for their efforts.

I do not know how you feel, but personally, I hope if I go in a restaurant the cook is wearing a mask and the servers are, too. I do not want their germs on my food.

The national news announced today that there will be at least one vaccine on the market for COVID-19 by the end of October. That is very good news. Once we see vaccines coming online we can see the end of this whole thing.

It is getting better. The numbers are stabilizing or going down. We are going to get there. I am sure of it!

Quote of the week, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” – Albert Einstein.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

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