Atascosa County Judge’s Report



Presently the JJAEP (Juvenile School) occupies a building at 1508 Campbell Street directly behind the Juvenile Probation Department. That building is divided into (roughly) 2/3 school space and 1/3 records and forms storage for the county. Two weeks ago, I told you about the function for JJAEP. The records and forms storage is essential and governed by state statute for maintenance and destruction. The County generates, as you can imagine, a large volume of paper. Much must be legally retained before destruction and must be done in a climatecontrolled building. This can be court records, legal correspondence and so forth. We have not increased our storage space in over a decade and need to do. We priced the building of another records storage building and it came in at over $400,000. I will not support that kind of expenditure in this COVID environment. So, where we came down on the issue is to convert the whole JJAEP building to forms storage. We had the good fortune to have a large modular building donated to us by Pleasanton ISD. We will locate it across the street from where JJAEP is right now and everyone will benefit. We will build a nice basketball court for the school and exercise yard. The new building will be quite a bit bigger than the old one. Jeff Thornton, Director, is a stalwart asset to this project. How could it get any better than to work it out where everyone benefits – including the Atascosa County Taxpayer.

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BOB HURLEY is the Atascosa County Judge. You may email him at countyjudge@

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