Atascosa County Judge’s Report

Last night the special session of the State Legislature ended.  $20M and 30 days wasted.  Here are the facts – the House passed a tax bill with many great citizen improvements concerning the way local property taxes are levied.  Because it varied from the Senate bill, in its’ arrogance the Senate refused to ratify the house bill.  They could have.  They gambled and lost.  Dan Patrick is going to try to blame this on Joe Straus.  DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!  Dan Patrick forced the special session by allowing some critical bills to sunset that HAD to be renewed.  It was Dan Patrick’s gimmick that cost the taxpayers of Texas an unnecessary $20M.

I am so thankful that the idiotic “bathroom” bill espoused by far right -wingers failed. I have no idea how the courthouse would have complied with the statute.  I am unaware of any problems concerning the issue with our buildings. This should be handled on a case by case basis with local government.  The State should take care of its’ own bathrooms.

You can also thank Dan Patrick for a 13.81% increase in your upcoming school property tax bills.  He was claiming property tax reform and is ordering a  raise to your taxes.  He did this by reducing the state contribution to public schools.  He also wanted to order a raise for teachers but wanted it paid out of your local property taxes.

You should be aware that unfunded mandates cost YOU!  The house passed a bill to order a vote on a constitutional amendment prohibiting unfunded mandates in the regular session and Dan Patrick refused to allow it to be brought up in the Senate.  Here are just a couple:  1.  Unpaid “Blue” Jail warrants – state prisoners in our jail, $200,000 a year.  2. Indigent Health Care – over $1.5M per year.  Indigent legal representation uncompensated by state – over $100K per year.  I could go on and on, but the point is this is YOUR money the legislature is forcing spending through your county.  I promise you, Dan Patrick does not care about this.

I told the old joke recently about how “men, women, children and dogs are not safe in Texas when the legislature is in session.”  Dan Patrick is bringing new meaning to that.

We, your County are here to work for YOU!

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

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