Atascosa County Judge Bob HurleyFree Access

We will be building a better operating procedure for issuing driveway permits. It has always been under the law for the county to control access onto county roads but we have not (as far as I can find out) ever utilized this tool effectively. When I visited with TXDOT in Austin last year seeking ways to build our control in this matter they told me to review our driveway permit procedure. I found we are not doing this. We do have a permit procedure on the books but there is no enforcement. The only driveway permits I have seen come to Commissioner’s Court during my tenure have been done by some of the oil field companies who have departments that know to do this when they need access for a project.

As you have observed me doing all the time I have surveyed a number of other counties close to our size. I have reviewed these with our County Attorney and we are crafting a larger more comprehensive “commercial” driveway permit program. We can define width, location, construction details, turning angle and safety issues with each application and approve or deny taking all circumstances into consideration. When we are ready we will post the application and instructions on the county website. We will have one of our departments receive the application and review before it comes to Commissioner’s Court.

This will give us a much stronger tool to control access, heavy trucking and use of our county roads. Since there has been a permit process in place for many years, if there are companies who are operating on a county road they can be required to go through the application process.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

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