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I am a fiscal conservative. I have been one and voted that way all my adult life. I hear a lot in this election cycle about eliminating waste and fraud in county government. I want you to know that I am all about that. I cannot see every transaction (and we have a lot of them) but I assure you that all bills I sign off on I question for need. I also try to pick an area of review each year at budget and go over that very carefully. I am constantly asking the questions “Why do we do this? Why is this done this way? etc.”

We have set up new ways to buy equipment, computers, machines, etc. that provide better checks and balances. I am not saying this should not continue or that we have it all figured out. I cannot say there is no waste and fraud, but I believe we have made good steps and that it should be a continuing, never ending process. I hope we continue to find better ways to monitor spending.

Probate court is picking up substantially. I have seven hearings on Thursday and Friday. I know the jail and sheriff’s department are busy. There is a jury picked for a murder trial (capital – death penalty) and another jury being picked. Jury trials really slow the courts down. Our DA and District Judges are working hard. Heck, all the county offices are working hard.

We will keep trying to do a good job for Atascosa County.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

Bob Hurley is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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