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You need a will. If you own anything (auto, etc.) and / or have a bank account you need a will. If you have children, you really need a will. None of us like to think about sitting down and making a will, but unfortunately, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. By avoiding the issue, you may be leaving numerous legal problems and disputes for your survivors after your death. When you make a will, you help ensure your belongings won’t wind up in the wrong hands, and that whatever is left will not be eaten up by extra costs and expenses. A last will and testament can also make sure other final wishes are carried out, such as guardianship for your children, funeral wishes, burial or cremation instructions, and more.

When a loved one dies intestate (without a will) they put a larger burden on their family than they should because processing is more expensive and complicated. There are several good local attorneys in Atascosa County that can help you with it. There are many online programs, some better than others, that you can “do it yourself” with. If you do not have a will your assets may go to different people than you want. Your assets could even be forfeited to the state. I see people every month who are caused more difficulties because a loved one did not do a will.

And the estate must be probated, with or without a will. When a loved one dies you may NOT take the assets until probate is complete. Even if you are named in a will as the desired executor you are not the executor until the probate court says so.

You need a will. You may call me anytime if you need information about this subject.

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