Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley

Last week Commissioner Gillespie and I went to Armortex to research and craft an order for bullet resistant products.  We will be building teller windows for the County Tax Office so that they will be safe.  That office is the largest handler of money in the county and the biggest center where protection is needed.  They deal with disgruntled people all the time for various reasons and they do not feel safe there.  The Sutherland Springs tragedy made that fear acute. We also had a scare about a month ago over a threat made by someone who was upset about a piece of property up for sale for tax non-payment.  This also accelerated the concern at the tax office because they are the major tax collection agency in the county.

Touring the Armortex plant was truly fascinating. As you can imagine their business is very good.   They also make the bullet resistant material that is used for non-glass  protection (such as construction material above, below and to the side of the glass).  We can save the county money by ordering the materials ourselves and hiring a contractor to put them in.  Courtroom safety and safety in all county buildings has become a major concern.  We must review our courtroom safety but need to include the rest of the county buildings.  Of course, the jail is already designed for safety.

This has been a real learning experience.

Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

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