Atascosa County Food Bank OpensFree Access

Atascosa County Veterans Food Bank Atascosa County Court-At-Law Judge Bob Brendel made the first donation to Combat Hunger last Wednesday at the Atascosa County Veterans Service Office. The community is challenged to follow in his footsteps to make a difference by donating today.

Atascosa County can proudly say we have our very own food bank in the area, making it easier for those in need in our county .

Stephanie Pino created the non-profit organization known as the Atascosa County Veterans Food Bank. The organization will provide non-perishables and other possible needed items such as adult diapers, pet food, etc. to veterans, active military and their families.

“I started this non-profit because I was moved by the support of the community with the VFW food drive,” said Stephanie in reference to Project Combat Food Hunger in conjunction with the San Antonio Food Bank and Humana this past November. “I decided it was better to keep it in our community than to take it to San Antonio. Some people aren’t able to travel that far or event get out of their own homes.”

The process to get the county food bank up and running took a few weeks due to permission having to be granted in order to use the word “veteran” by the congressional charted entity’s State or National Commander. The Texas State Commander of the American Legion was more than willing to help Stephanie pursue her goal along with the Atascosa County Veterans Service Office.

“I partnered with [them] because they have already established a list of veterans in our county,” she said. The food bank is its own entity but using the service office as a force multiplier in their efforts to serve those in Atascosa Co. who have served our country.

“My vision by holiday time is for the food bank to sustain its own toy program. We had such support with the VFW Humana Food drive that I was driven to help our community,” said Stephanie.

Atascosa County Veterans Food Bank and Atascosa County Veterans Service Office have united to Combat Hunger for veterans throughout Atascosa County. You can help out by donating non-perishable food items, baby items, pet food or gift card donations. All items can be dropped off at the Atascosa County Veterans Service Office at 818 Main St. in Jourdanton. If you would like to drop off items on the weekend or after regular business hours, please call or text Sarah at 830-480-0167, Elizabeth at 830-480-9325 or Stephanie at 830-200-1419.

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    Hello my name is joseph warnagiris I moved to atascosa county in June and I need to sign up for commodities. What do I need to do?

    • Rebecca Pesqueda says:

      Please give the Atascosa County Veterans Service Office a call. Their number is 830-769-3251. They are open until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

  2. Cresencia says:

    Live in a fix income,and it’s not enough.

  3. Cresencia says:

    Every bit helps.

  4. Cresencia says:

    I want to thank you very much.

  5. Cresencia says:

    I know he food you distribute is very nutritious.

  6. James Liles says:

    I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I uses the food bank in Elmendorf , I now live east of Pleasanton. How do I sign up for the food bank in Pleasanton?

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