Atascosa County Fire Marshal Todd Perna

Atascosa County Fire Marshal Todd Perna assumed his position a few years back. Here’s an update from Perna.

Perna said, “I accepted the position in December of 2013, to be the new Atascosa County Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Coordinator. After my first year, I had David Prasifka as my Assistant Emergency Manager, finding that both positions were very demanding and after speaking in Commissioner’s Court, I felt like both David and I could devote more attention to specific job functions and make both departments stronger, which would benefit the county greatly. David was eventually given the position of emergency manager and I continued as the Fire Marshal. I’m also the County Flood Plain Manager, so I handle any flood plain issues that may arise in the county as well as overseeing the County Flood Plain Ordinance.

“My day to day duties involve arson investigations, which includes structural fires as well as auto fires. This calls for me to determine the origin and cause of the fire. I determine if it is an incendiary “Arson” fire and was intentionally set. It can be very time consuming, interviewing, following up, as well as reports that are forwarded to the district attorney’s office.  


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