Atascosa County Democratic Party

Thanksgiving 2021 happened last Thursday and even though it is over, I believe that what we set out to achieve will continue. The Feast of Thanksgiving was a nonpartisan event designed to reach across the aisle with both Democrats and Republicans working together to serve our local community.

The latest tally shows we served approximately 330 meals and had a combined total of just over 135 volunteer hours, which considering the short amount of time we had to plan and organize, is an incredible testament to the hard work of our supporters.

I am very thankful to everyone who made the day so special. We were blessed to have so much community help and support. People donated, people volunteered and everyone I spoke with was thankful our event was happening. I would like to give a special mention and thank you to the kiddos at Pleasanton Primary School who held a food drive and made our table decorations. I would also like to thank the Woman’s Club of Pleasanton whose donation allowed us to buy the turkeys and who volunteered to prepare and serve the turkeys. You are all awesome.

Our volunteers made the event happen. They cooked, cleaned, served, washed dishes, took out the trash, smiled and encouraged throughout the day. Their enthusiasm was infectious and their embrace of the values of Thanksgiving made it a joy and all worthwhile. I was thrilled that our volunteers were from across our community: elected county officials, precinct chairs, students and members of our community who stepped forward and made the day so special. Thank you!

Finally, Thanksgiving would not have been Thanksgiving without our guests. Thank you to all who trusted us and accepted us to be part of their day. It was an honor to meet you, and your smiles and joy will be something I will always carry.

It is my sincere hope that we have started to dismantle barriers and dispel myths. I saw people reaching out to each other and bond over a common goal to do good for our community and our county. Regardless of political leanings, people were working together side-by-side, solving problems,talking, laughing and enjoying this incredibly special American holiday. I felt a light was shining over our county and that we had touched each other’s lives, not only at that moment, but moving forward into a new beginning. I hope we can continue to knock down those walls and work together for the betterment of our county and community.

JULIE HILBERG is the Atascosa County Democratic Party Chairwoman. You may reach her at

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