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Did you know that the ACSO 911 office had 34,829 911 trunk line calls last year?  And, they had 12,261 admin line calls which reaches a total of 47,450.  This is a staggering responsibility for the ACSO and one they do, day in and day out, very well.  AACOG monitors this and provides grants and training for this function.  AACOG also monitors and trains our 911 addressing office.  Linda Foster, a county employee, does a great job with this obtaining nearly a 100% match rate with the GPS oversight of AACOG’s software.
The AACOG ARRPO (Area Regional Road Planning Group) met this week with TXDOT, of which I am the chair.  The GREAT news is that they have moved up reconstruction of the bridge over the Atascosa just south of Poteet.  This bridge has been a great concern to many who drive this road because of its’ narrowness.  Also, they confirmed we are still on track with the moved-up date to completely rebuild the county bridge on south CR422.  I have been pushing this for two years.  So, I am very pleased about this.  Commissioner’s Court has a serious responsibility for public safety.  That is why I asked Commissioner Carroll to put up the flashing stop signs on CR422.  New stop signs are a problem for people who are used to driving those roads every day.  Very serious accidents can occur.  The beauty of these flashing signs we bought is that we can move them and continue using them elsewhere when we think enough time has elapsed.


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