Atascosa Co. issues 72-hour advisory

On Saturday, Atascosa County sent out a COVID-19 advisory to residents in response to growing case numbers.

I wanted to alert people to the fact that the numbers have quintupled in the last three and a half weeks. They don’t seem to be going down,” said Atascosa County Judge Robert Hurley.

Hurley said there was nothing specific about making the advisory 72 hours long.

“I’m concerned about it, I’m beginning to see county employees with significant numbers of them testing–as before I had none–and they’re testing positive. The whole county has a lot of recoveries, but the net positives are offsetting the recoveries,” Hurley said that, unlike a month ago, reports of positives are coming in daily and it is worrisome.

Atascosa County doesn’t get numbers over the weekend like San Antonio. On Saturday, San Antonio had its biggest one-day increase in cases, which alarmed Hurley.

“I thought I ought to send out a warning to tell people. It was a weekend and people are going out,” Hurley said.

“It wasn’t an order, it wasn’t a mandate, it wasn’t legally restricting, it was just an advisory.”

He said after speaking with the local health authority, Dr. Ringsdorf with TDSHS, the advisory was sent.

“The reaction was astounding, I spent most of my day answering Facebook messages. I felt that it was important to calm people down and answer their questions the best that I could,” the Judge said, adding that he was impressed and gratified by the citizens and business people he talked to that wished to be responsible and supportive.

He noted it was possible that a voluntary advisory could be sent out for the Independence Day weekend.

Citizens are concerned that, businesses are concerned. H-E-B intends to present a request for a mask order to Commissioners Court on Monday. It is to be considered,” said Hurley.

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  1. ES says:

    Keep up the good work Judge Hurley, not to worry your intentions are in the best of our county and people should understand!

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