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Lisa Luna

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Michelle Cardenas, Chief Appraiser of the Atascosa County Appraisal District presented a report, at the Feb. 1 Pleasanton City Council meeting. She spoke on behalf of Joe Rodriguez, the city’s representative to ACAD, who had a family emergency.

She said their appraisers are working in Pleasanton ISD and the City of Pleasanton, finishing up their 2018 appraisal inspections. They have completed over 10,082 inspections so far and have approximately 1,600 remaining, as of Jan. 18.

“Yesterday the property value study came out from the state of Texas, which impacts school district funding and it tests our appraisals, as far as where we are in market value. We have five school districts that we were out in.  So we are going to be doing some substantial value increasing throughout the county and primarily it is in residential and farm and ranch properties,” said Cardenas.

She explained the State Comptroller’s Office gets multiple listing sales from the real estate agents, which is where they have obtained several sales throughout the county that the Appraisal District does not receive- approximately 284 of them. So on one hand they are shown to be at market value.

“But the sales transactions that are more current that we don’t receive coming out of the MLS system show that we are below. So we are going to have to make some value increases and some changes in order to be in compliance with the state, while we appeal the state findings, which we are doing in conjunction with our school districts,” said Cardenas.

She added they are working with the school superintendents and their law firms to appeal. In the meantime, property owners can expect some substantial increases.

They are also getting ready to have a Methods and Assistance Program Review from the State Comptroller’s Office.

“They are coming in to test us on another level on the 20th. We go through this biannually. It is a property value study one year and then a Methods and Assistance Program Study the next year. We are up for the Methods and Assistance Program, so we will be appealing the property values study from last year and dealing with this year’s inspection and reviews of all our local documents and  everything.”

Cardenas also gave a litigation update, sharing that there has not been any litigation activity on any of their cases. Everything is sitting waiting for either a withdrawal or an acceptance of offers being made.

Moving to Pleasanton

During her building update, Cardenas said all of the electrical and plumbing are taken care of.

“Our painters have come in and painted. We are moving right along. Our new water meter is installed. I have a great working relationship with everyone here. They have worked really well with us.”

They are about a week and a half behind schedule due to some permitting questions they are trying to rectify. Cardenas believed they were in the closing stage of getting that rectified by the following morning.

Cardenas and staff are looking forward to opening at their  new location.

“We are really excited about moving to Pleasanton. Our employees are waiting anxiously and beating down the door. We have several employees that live here in the community, but more than anything they are excited about the food. We have a variety of places that we can have lunch,” Cardenas said.

“The building is beautiful and we thank Pleasanton ISD for making that a wonderful opportunity for us and keeping the cost down for all of our taxing jurisdictions. Basically where we are on that is, we are just waiting to move. We are boxed up and ready to go. We have our letterhead ready and our phone numbers. We are ready to do business in Pleasanton as soon as we can get moving.”

Appraisal District reports to city

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