Appraisal Board hears complaints on tax bills, prepares for appealsFree Access

Christelle Troell

Staff Writer

The Atascosa Appraisal District board of directors heard an earful of complaints from citizens on May 17, regarding the recent property tax bills just delivered in the mail which represented a large increase in taxes on properties.

After Chairman Arthur Troell called the meeting to order, public comments were first on the agenda.

Eight land owners spoke briefly to the board, expressing in strong language their dissatisfaction and disbelief of the large increase in property taxes.

One resident noted his house taxes increased 14 percent which was OK but the value of his unimproved land was doubled. “How do you double the value of dirt?” he asked.

A Pleasanton Oakcrest resident stated there was much flooding damage to her property but the value was raised $20,000.

Another longtime Pleasanton resident had his property revalued 31 percent higher. He stated he is a public employee and wanted to know how people were expected to pay that and added he

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